Not Being Stupid

On weekdays you should strictly deal with price, but on weekends you can read stories about price via news and views on the economy, business etc.

It helps us in knowing what NOT to do, how NOT to think. Thus saves us from getting fooled by randomness.

This is a brave new world; no one knows what's happening, what will happen and when exactly something will happen.

Intelligence lies in being conscious that you don't know what you don't know.

Instead of being smart, one should focus on not being stupid. Similarly, instead of being a sucker about big gains, one should concern about not losing big.

Be technical in the market and fundamental in life. Cut the noise, care more about people than faceless organisations.

For a karma yogi, every action should have a clear purpose. For me, it's knowledge and wealth—nothing more, nothing less.

Listen and learn more from people who have survived the test of time than people in the age bracket as of yours truly ;)