Aug 27, 2020

NIFTY Realty

Twitter Thread | Nifty Realty 🔀

Looking at Reality Sector using:

- Equi Weighted Geometric mean Index

- Equi Weighted Arithmetic mean Index

- Nifty Realty Index

The geometric mean is good to see the average rates of growth. Further help in getting the early signal of a breakout from consolidation.

Aug 27, 2020

#SUNTEK The level to watch would be 261.80% Currently moving along with the sector.

Aug 27, 2020Edited: Aug 27, 2020

Still going strong!

Aug 27, 2020

#GODREJPROP This shows that breakout in the equi weighted index is not coz of its sector leader. So broader participation, maybe due to recent up move in Midcaps/small caps.

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